Sagadahoc Tribal Arts. Contact me by sending an email to "don" at this domain.

Sagadahoc Tribal Arts honors the ancient culture who once occupied the wild and unspoiled landscapes within Sagadahoc County in mid-coast Maine. Sagadahoc, a word from the Sasanoa Indian language, translates to mean “where the big river meets the sea.” Sagadahoc County includes the towns of Phippsburg, Bath, West Bath, Georgetown, and Arrowsic and also the watersheds of both the Kennebec and New Meadows Rivers. This is the area where I collect all of the materials to weave my dream catchers, jewelry, and other crafts.

In our human experience one thing that separates us from other living things is our desire to decorate ourselves and our living spaces with art items and jewelry. As we strive to feel more connected to life, our surroundings and Nature we wear and decorate ourselves and our homes to show the world who we are. Primitive tribal cultures could only use what Nature provided them to express this connection to life and to the Creator.

Like those early hunters and gatherers I find creative expression using only items collected while exploring the shorelines, islands, and beaches of this beautiful area. Combining my passion for being outdoors and my strong environmental values I like to create artwork that is symbolic of using only what is available in Nature and found along my path. I make use of re-claimed bait bags, lobster nets, and ropes that can be found cluttering many of the beaches, shorelines, and islands along this part of the Maine coast. With these by-products of the lobstering industry, I find great satisfaction knowing that while creating works of art I am also practicing responsible stewardship of the land.

It is hoped that Sagadahoc Tribal Arts may inspire us to be resourceful with what we have, not consume or take more than what we need for happiness and survival, and to find great joy, beauty, and meaning out of things often overlooked or discarded. May Sagadahoc Tribal Arts connect us in Spirit and capture that certain feeling as though you were there walking the beaches of Maine.