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Don Bruce III finds artistic expression using only items collected while exploring the shorelines of Sagadahoc County along the mid-coast region of Maine. He combines his love of Nature and strong environmental values to honor the ancient culture that once occupied the wild and unspoiled landscapes within the land of the Sagadahoc.

Always living close to the sea and salt-water, Don was born in Boston and spent his early youth in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He spent part of every summer exploring the Maine coast at his family’s summer camp in West Bath until moving there permanently when he was 9. He developed a deep appreciation and connection with Nature at an early age that has played a major role throughout his life.

After High School he lived for several years in Vermont, New Hampshire, and then Durango, Colorado where he spent 9 years mastering the arts of skiing, mountain biking, and climbing mountains. He wound up working for State and National Parks near Moab, Utah spending many years working as a Naturalist Ranger in that remote area. He holds an undergraduate degree in Outdoor Recreation/ Environmental Studies from Western State College of Colorado and considers himself a true “Leisure Professional.”

Returning to Maine in 2004, he began working at a private conservation area in Phippsburg as the Gatekeeper. Part of the job was cleaning the beach and he began to wonder what he could do to make use of the many nets and bait bags that washed up and would otherwise be thrown away. He wove his first dream catcher to give to a friend and then taught himself to tie fancy knots.

His work is symbolic of making use of what is available to us in Nature. He hopes it may inspire us to be resourceful with what we have, to never consume or take more than we need to be happy, and to find beauty, joy, and meaning in things often overlooked or discarded.